I create elevated, playful and meaningful brand moments for creative businesses.

Bring your vision to life, stand out from the crowd and enjoy the journey.

Joco Design is a creative studio delivering beautiful and meaningful brand identities, patterns and illustrations for creative businesses. Our work is elevated, playful and original to reflect your personality and the magic you have to offer.

I'm Jodie

Creative soul, mamma, sunshine lover, flower fanatic, booker hoarder, hot chocolate drinker *with marshmellows, always* and your creative partner here at Joco Design.

I’m a Brand Designer, Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer based in the beautiful coastal area of the Sutherland Shire south of Sydney, Australia.

I’ve been designing brands for 25 years and pride myself on adding value that extends well beyond creating ‘just’ a logo. I back up everything I make with clarity and purpose, and clients admire my attentive, above and beyond approach.

As a client of mine, I treat you with the care and respect of a close friend. My focus is always first and foremost on building solid and lasting relationships. It’s essential that you feel like you’re in safe hands because I know investing in yourself and your brand is a big deal.

jocodesign frankiejodie
...and this is my fur girl Frankie
jocodesign creativity lights me up

Creativity is my happy place. It lights me up and feeds my soul. I'd be honoured to learn about your aspirations and help bring your dreams to life.

jocodesign my journey

My Journey

There are certain events that can occur in our lives that make us stop, be still and reflect.

I’ve experienced two of these life-altering moments since being in business. The first time was in 2005 when my youngest brother suddenly passed away, and then again in 2017 when my husband lost his battle with Leukaemia.

Both times felt like a shock reawakening. It made me quickly realise how short life can be, how precious it is, and how important it is to feel happy and fulfilled every day.

When my heart was grieving, I turned to creativity to feel comfort from my pain. Making jewellery, drawing, painting, creating patterns all felt so healing. I became acutely aware during these times of reflection that despite loving my existing graphic design business, I desired more.

I began exploring other design disciplines in Jewellery Design, Fashion Design, Surface Design and Illustration. It was an exciting journey of self-discovery, learning, and personal growth that has made me the multidisciplinary designer I am today.

After my husband gained his angel wings, I decided to rebrand, change the business name and reposition my offerings. I would only work on things that brought me deep happiness and joy.

I feel incredibly grateful to have built a career that centres around my love of creativity. My heart feels full when I create beautiful illustrations, patterns and designs that bring a little joy to everyday life.

Do what you love, and love what you do is the essence of my why. I aspire to lead by example for my son, to show him that he too can create a happy and fulfilling life that is only limited by his imagination.

What is Joco?

Joco is half me (Jo) and half my son Cooper (Co). Cooper is my muse and my protégé. He’s also a little creative soul, just like his mama! Superheroes and ninjas inspire him, while I draw inspiration from travel and the natural world around us.

We often take walks with our little pup Frankie, exploring our local beaches, community gardens and national parks, collecting nature’s ‘treasures’ along the way. These small but beautiful moments inspire me and fuel my creativity.

jocodesign what is joco

My design style

While I can tailor things to suit many briefs, people choose me for my authentic style, which is...


I’m not afraid to bust out the colour palette or invest unique shapes.


While yes I do love colour, minimal styling can also take centre stage.


I’ll tinker until I find the perfect harmony between fun and function.


I often create hand-rendered type or tweak fonts to give you an edge.


I love using illustration to show off your brand’s unique personality.

jocodesign studio 4

My Values

These are the things that get me out of bed in the morning, these and my son wanting breakfast!


Everything I do in my life, both personally and in work, comes from a place of authenticity. I always strive to be true to myself and original in everything I do. With authenticity comes transparency. I like to communicate openly and honestly, which instils trust and confidence when people work with me.


I consider myself as a caring, considerate and respectful person both personally and in my work. I take pride in my work and aim to produce high-quality designs with attention to detail. I will go above and beyond to ensure people are happy around me, family, friends and clients.


From a personal perspective, as I’ve lived through quite a lot of sadness and know too well how short life is, being happy and feeling fulfilled is paramount to me. I always seek out a little happiness every day. I aim to create joy in my work and bring happiness to others as well.


Creativity is at my very core. It lights me up and allows me to express myself. It comes naturally to me, and I love using it positively through my work that brings joy to others.

joco design ally

Ally loves my work…

Jodie I would like to say a huge thank you for all the great work you have done for HOPE over the past year. Your work is always well thought through, well executed and delivered on time – for this we are very appreciative. And I personally love that you make me feel like I’m your only customer! Thank you.