Illustration can add personality to your brand or product and make it truly one of a kind.

At the core of my designer and artistic self is Illustration, everything I do begins with mark making. My Illustrations are a visual way of communicating ideas and telling stories creatively.

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Looking for a way to get noticed? Illustration is perfect for catching the eye of your customers.

How wonderful would it be to have a brand that feels unique and memorable? Illustration does this by helping to communicate your brand story and sparking emotional connections with your audience. It enhances the overall visual appeal of a brand or product, adding charm and character. 

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Ways to work together

I love to collaborate with businesses to help infuse personality in their brands, tell stories and make customers smile. Here are just some ways I enjoy working with my clients.
Illustration Portfolio

I have a growing library of illustrations that can either be licenced for a period of time or purchased for exclusive use forever. The designs can be customised so it’s the perfect fit for your brand or product.

Custom Illustration

I bring visions to life with custom illustrations created specifically with a product in mind. Original illustration can bring out the character and charm of a product, making it unique and totally irresistible to customers.

Brand Illustrations & Icons

I design brand illustrations and icons for businesses to align with their brand identity and help communicate their brand story. Illustrations can be used for store signage, wall decals, brochures, websites and social media templates.

Here's how the magic unfolds


Licensing & Buyout

Browse through the library of colourful and playful illustrations here.

Once you’ve decided on an illustration you like, note down the name of the illustration and contact me with the details of the project you would like to use the illustration for along with any customisation requests. Once I’ve received your email I will review the project details and respond with pricing options for both licensing or purchase. 

The illustrations are priced according to the complexity of the design. Each design will fall under one of three categories: 

Simple – from $200,
Semi-complex – from $500
omplex – from $800.

A design may be licensed for an agreed period of time either exclusively or non-exclusively for a flat fee. You can also choose to purchase an illustration outright for a flat fee where you will have exclusive rights to that design forever.

To ensure the illustration is the perfect fit for your brand or product, the colours and small details may be customised as required.

With your Illustration approved and final payment made, I’ll prepare your final artwork files to suit your printer or manufacturers specifications. You’ll also receive your illustration as an image file suitable to show off on your socials!

Custom Illustration

We will begin with a quick chat to get to know each other, discuss your ideas for the illustration and ensure we are a good fit. Once you’ve received my welcome kit with project details, paid the deposit and signed the working agreement then your project is booked in and we are good to go! 

Now the fun begins! I’ll send you a questionnaire to fill in and set you a fun little task to collect some visual inspiration which will give me more clarity about your brand and vision for your illustration. Then we’ll jump on another call to finalise the creative direction for your design.

With our vision and goals aligned, the creative magic begins as I bring your ideas to life. I work on an initial design concept with pencil sketches of your illustration to ensure I’m on the right track. With the concept approved I digitally develop your illustration and present it to you in 2-3 colourways.

You’ll choose your favourite colourway then I’ll refine the Illustration until it looks and feels just right. The custom Illustration package will include 2 rounds of refinements. We will organise a test print of your design at 100% to ensure you’re happy with line weight and colour.

With your Illustration approved and final payment made, I’ll prepare your final artwork files to suit your printer or manufacturers specifications. You’ll also receive your illustration as an image file suitable to show off on your socials!

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Meet your designer

Hi, I’m Jodie.

Putting pencil to paper, is like the beginning of a new adventure, I love seeing where it takes me. My illustrations are colourful and playful, often inspired by nature, particularly flowers and cute little animals.

I also enjoy drawing lovely ladies, where their poses and facial expressions tell their stories. I love flicking through vintage fashion books and being swept up by the elegant and beautiful feminine styles.

Whether I’m creating for myself or for clients, being in that illustrative zone is also my zone of happiness.

Ready to get started?

Imagine what we can create together?

Check out some of my recent work to see what’s possible.

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Bree values my work…

It’s an absolute delight to work with Jodie as she illustrates the Australian animals that feature on our Messy Mealtime Smocks. I value her advice on all things design and her commitment, responsiveness and patience throughout the design process. She has a wonderful eye for colour and is such a skilled illustrator. Her characters bring our brand to life! I couldn’t recommend her more highly.