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Project Overview

The Whitening Clinic is Sydney’s first specifically designed Cosmetic Whitening Spa. They offer premium teeth whitening treatments to customers, leaving them with a confident white smile.

After several years of working as a teeth whitening mobile specialist, Alissa dreamt of starting her own business. Her idea was to create a clinic with a spa feel environment for customers to come and relax whilst having their teeth whitened with high quality treatments.    

Alissa had a very clear vision for her clinic, a combination of soft textures, curved shapes in a minimalist interior with harmonious white tones to create a high-end dreamy space. Her brand identity in turn needed to reflect this same look and feel.     

The end result was a beautiful typographic logo. The combination of fine and slightly bolder black lines for the lettering gives the brand a premium feel. The curves and arch shapes mimic the clinic’s interior and creates softness. The addition of the hand written script type brings a more personal feel to the brand identity.

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Alissa loves her new branding…

Jodie, I absolutely love my new branding! When we began working together I had a really clear idea of how I wanted it to look and feel, I just needed an expert to help bring it to life and you certainly didn’t disappoint, you nailed the design in the first concept you showed me! Thank you so much, you’re amazing!


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